For some reason, barns seem to appeal to most everyone and I am no exception. This was very early in the morning with lavender colors.


This is a fishing lake and it was such a gorgeous day that I might have actually  considered a worm and a hook. Then again, I think I'll just paint it.

Cindy Hamann - Pastel Artist

I realized I had a real love of art after taking a class in art education for the classroom teacher at Eastern Kentucky University. I thought, “THIS is what I want to do!” After thirty-five years of teaching art in Norwood City Schools and loving it, multiple classes in all kinds of art forms and an M.A. from Miami University, I decided to retire. So, the question became, “What am I going to do when I grow up and leave school?” What fell into my lap was a studio at the Essex Studios in Cincinnati with four friends and I decided to become a pastel artist. I had never had a pastel class so that became the first priority on my to-do list. I truly loved the immediacy of the vibrant pure color and the way the sticks felt in my hand. It felt like I was drawing.  I have taken numerous classes with pastel artists, Ken Landon Buck and Ray Hassard and recently was awarded a grant from Summerfair, Inc. I am showing my work in juried shows around Cincinnati and at this new stage in my life and want to keep on painting forever. – Cindy Hamann